Best Street Style Looks

Take a look at the best street style looks we have selected. The saying less is more comes to mind and certainly proves itself in the way these simple looks show their strength. When you keep things simple, there is more room for the strong points of your outfit to shine through. The balance of neutral and up-to-date, well chosen pieces works far better than trying too hard in every element of your outfit. There simply has to be a certain calmth to balance out the cool! Or the other way around, depending on your personal preferences ofcourse.


The Iconic Issue, Emily Ratajkowski
1/3 Emily Ratajkowski


Choose Your Guns With Accessories

When keeping it simple, you basically save up your space to focus on the coolest details. For example sharp cuts such as an 80s boxy shape, a high collar or shiny fabric. To take things a little bit further, you can take advantage to let your accessories do the job. Luckily, for this seasons accessories goes: the more outspoken, the better. So better to give them the attention they deserve! Leaving your outfit minimal should in no case mean boring. When done well (meaning: when you picked the best pieces) you will want noting else than a simple but strong wardrobe.


The Iconic Issue, Kaia Gerber
2/2 Kaia Gerber


Style Stars

The best thing about this strategy, is that you will feel more than comfortable too take a walk on the wild side with accessories. This seasons sunglasses are too cool to not indulge yourself in. We’re talking retro quare pink shades to channel your inner 70s queen. Or thin 90s shades that are all over Instagram right now (and for a reason). Top it off with some thick gold hoops and you upgrade your outfit to the level of these street style looks of our favorite style queens. Take a look below to shop our selection.


The Iconic Issue, Selena Gomez
3/3 Selena Gomez
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