Parisian Chic: Le Baret

Some things, like the Parisian Chic, just never go out of style. They may shift to the background for a while, but only to be back again in a bigger way than before. We all know the baret as a typical french accessory. It appears in our head next to le vin and le baguette. But this season you can pull the baret out of the ‘french box’ and out of the back of you closet, because it is the next new IT-accessory.



The New Way To Style Parisian Chic

Seems like style icons such as Jane Birkin already knew all about the power of the baret for ages. And when Janke Birkin is a fan, you can count on it to be good, classic and IT-girl worthy. This classic is now becoming the latest trend as girls like Erin Wasson show how to style it in a contemporary way. So, your classic baret will be styled to add an edgy and surprising twist to your outfit.

Because it is such a classic, it matches perfectly with classic and high quality pieces. You are always good when you mix it up with a poncho or a feminine wrap dress. But what is the most fun about the new way of styling the baret, is to add a little bit of an edge to it. Bring out you inner Erin and match it with some rock and roll items. For example, a letter jacket, punk belt, a stack of earrings and rings, everything original and edgy! The mix of classic and feminine with edgy will combine into the most cool Parisian Chic ensemble.




The Sailor Hat: Another Parisian Chic

Maybe you want to switch it up from time to time, never a bad idea when it comes to style! When you have found your voice, you can play with it. The good news is, the baret has a cool sister: the sailor hat. As seen on the vintage Kate Moss picture above, this one does the trick just like the baret. So you don’t have to choose, you can have the best of both worlds, which leaves you with only one thing: more stylish options!



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