Basket Bags: French Girls Know Best

There is something very elegant and stylish yet nonchalant about basket bags. Or is it the girls that wear them? Jane Birkin already knew the power of the basket bags very well, as she was rarely seen without one. Is there any styling classic Jane Birkin didn’t master?

This alone is reason enough to get hooked. The basket bag brings a little je ne sais quoi to your outfit and to your life. It seems to say: There are plenty of things to smile about in this world.

All the IT-girls from Claudia Schiffer and Rosie Huntington Whiteley to the ‘French-American’ girl of the moment Camille Rowe get this secret to effortless style. It proves that this little bag is timeless. You can always rely on it, as it goes with just about everything. Especially in the easy breezy and hotter half of the year – or places in the world. Jane Birkin’s signature bag gives you the feeling of parading on a Côte d’Azur boulevard. But is also more than classy enough for late hours of dining and dancing downtown.


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Up Your Basket Bags Game 

The nicest pieces look like they have been picked up at a seaside or vintage market. This is one of those examples that show great style doesn’t cost a lot. because you can spot them on your next summer vacation, Etsy or a little boutique. As long as it is made of beautiful natural material, you’re good. Pick from intuition and who knows, you and your basket bag might become inseparable during THAT summer. As a result, creating a nice memory to be reminded on when looking back at it later.

Seems like Jen Birkin’s signature basket bag was a simple round piece which she carried on her arm. But there a lot of contemporary additions as well as classic versions of the basket bag. This makes the search all the more fun! You can stick with the classic pieces or go for a more colorful edition or a cross body, which can be easy for more busy days around town. And last but not least, there is the beach basket: a big straw piece to bring all you essentials to the beach. Because this is such a big trend now, you will not only steal the show at the beach with this one. But will bring a nice summery breeze to all your daily outfits.


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