They poped-up on the Instagram pictures of a few stylish early birds, and before we knew it they were giving a lot of outfits a boost to coolness. The beaded bag suddenly became this season’s biggest It-accessory. Perhaps a trend not many predicted, but the beaded bag certainly proved itself as it upgrades every outfit with a dose of vintage fun!

The Beaded Bag It-Accessory That Revived From The Vintage Archives

Beaded Bag Playtime

What is it that makes this bag the summer’s winning It bag? If we look at the most popular bags of the past seasons they have often been fun and a little bit different. Think about the fur bag (in the form of a fake fur coat), the puffer bag (soft and padded) and the basket bag (upgraded towards a classic). It is safe to say that once in a while, we need some fresh bag inspiration. As much as we love the straw versions, we also like to be surprised by the next thing when it comes to It bags.

But the beaded bag brings more to the table than ‘just’ a new sort of bag to gush over. Rooted in vintage design of the ’60s, it brings a little coolness with history. In candy store multicolored versions, bright green, all white or all black, the beaded bag is the most playful way to upgrade your outfit at the moment.

Another explanation for it’s popularity is the way it makes your bag the accessory as well as the jewelry. That makes the beaded bag the new and alternative way of wearing jewelry.

Editorial Beaded Bag Picks

There is a lot to pick from. Let us select the best ones.

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