Sophia Roe knows her style

This girl is my number one go-to style muse on Instagram, Tumblr, you name it: all social media I can find her on. She nails the golden combination I always seem to fall for. Simplicity and classics but with just the right amount of cool trends. And then in the best kind of form and shape possible. Her outfits have the calmness and minimalism that gives the perfectly chosen trends she wears the right to shine oh so brightly.

No surprise to tell you that her looks give me major inspo for my own wardrobe. Actually, I just want hers. So bad.


The Style Secrets to Sophia Roe’s Looks

Because I think her look is definitely achievable for all us admirers of her Danish style vibes, we are going to decode it. So, here are 6 reasons why Sophia Roe is my style muse and, as I found out, we can also learn a thing or two from her about wellness and attitude. Somethings I am always a fan of. Something with ‘you can never be overdressed or overeducated’. Or over-stylish and have too much wellness in this case.


1. She knows her Classics

I looove classics. They are just the basis of every wardrobe that is put together well. They are the foundation where you built your look on. Well, you get it. And Sophia surely gets it too, that is clear from her outfits.

Why I Want Everything Danish Style Muse Sophia Roe Wears

2. She keeps it simple

Don’t underestimate minimalism when it comes to style in your wardrobe or in your interior. Choosing what to exclude is just as important as what to include. Leaving the unnecessary out leaves room for the necessary. The same goes for your life and mental wellness, which brings us to the next point.


Why I Want Everything Danish Style Muse Sophia Roe Wears

3. She makes her wellness a priority

And so should we all. Her mental state is very important to her and she understands that this takes work. Sophia found in Meditation a tool to achieve better wellness and mental wellbeing.

The first thing I do upon waking is setting aside a solid 60 seconds to be thankful for a new day filled with new possibilities. When I was younger I spent so much time carrying over baggage from one day to the next. Over time that baggage adds up and can contribute to an unhealthy mental state. True wellness is never just a physical process. Mental wellness is really important to me, and also such an important part of overall wellness.

Just as with physical exercise, we have to train our brain. To stop thinking, be still and maintain a positive state. I really believe we should teach this in schools next to math and all the regular courses. A positive mind is a positive life after all.

4. Sophia Roe always Picks up on the right Trends

Without following every trend there is under the moon (there are a lot), she manages to pick the right ones to update her outfit. She always incorporates the coolest items within her minimal outfits. The combination of these new pieces with her classic wardrobe is the perfect combination that makes her wardrobe ultimate #stylegoals to me.


Why I Want Everything Danish Style Muse Sophia Roe Wears

5. She has perfect sunglasses

Super important. Sunglasses are always a matter of just having the right pair for that period of time. Every season or two the sunglasses game changes it up and you want to keep up and have your sunnies game on point. Sophia Roe always is a winner in this game and is the best example of how the right pair of sunglasses can upgrade your look with just the right amount you need.


Why I Want Everything Danish Style Muse Sophia Roe Wears

6. She dares to dress boldly

Classic and minimal in no way means boring and safe. It actually requires you to try new things and make bold combinations, if you want it to work. It leaves room for cool and authentic choices to stand out and make a statement even more.

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