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If you are like us, you get most of your model makeup inspiration from Instagram. We like to get backstage coverage and inside tips on how our favorite models get that look. After all, they have access to the best makeup artists, tons of new products and above all, it is their job to look their best. So, that makes them professionals in the field.

The rave on beauty within social media has given rise to a whole new kind of makeup. The world of beauty vloggers, selfies, hashtags and subscribers created an online beauty scene that connected beauty lovers to each other and towards new makeup tips and skills. A beauty-full movement that shows the possibilities of today’s digital world.

It also brought us ‘digital makeups skills’ such as baking, shaping and an intense love for highlighter. But as we are coming to terms with these new ways of approaching beauty and take a step back from the rave, we start to see things clearer. We can take the amazing new skills beauty vloggers and Instagram trends have taught us, and still look like ourselves in real life. Because layers of concealer and baking powder might make for an impressive before and after effect in a beauty tutorial, they look different in real life.

Emily Ratajkowski Nailed the Instagram Model Makeup Look

Emily Ratajkowsi’s Model Makeup Look

That is why as amazing as all these social media beauty gurus are, it still is probably more beneficial to decide what works best for you. In our day-to-day life or on a night out, without selfie light. This type of makeup look is the ‘other’ kind of model makeup look, that is more towards enhancing your best features rather than having a makeup fest. It’s all about finding the best you. Emily Ratajkowski has nailed this look down to an actual science and it has to be said: the result is amazing. Emily explains her approach to makeup and having her own makeup routine.

As much as I love makeup artists, and I respect them so much, there is really something to be said about knowing your own face. It’s the face that I wake up to and go to sleep with and I’ve learned what works well for me.

The key to her look all comes down to using the right products that just add that little magic and pop to your face. These are the products that not add too much coverage, so use just the right amount of foundation to leave your face looking fresh. Then it is all about adding liveliness to your face with blushes, bronzers and highlighters. This is what gets you that bronzed model makeup look. Customized for you and all about looking fresh, not cakey.

We have listed all Emily Ratajkowski’s favorite products that she uses to create her fresh look. Some true inspiration for creating your own natural beauty enhancing routine.

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