Fall Fashion Street Style Inspiration to update your Wardrobe

Fall Fashion Street Style

A little fall fashion street style inspiration never hurt nobody. And when is a better moment to get inspired by the best looks in town (or out of town) than in fall? No wonder the September issue is the most important edition of the entire year.

Just as with vacation, half the fun of having the best possible wardrobe for fall-winter is in the planning. Make a visual or actual wishlist with items to add to your fall wardrobe and have a clear view of what you are looking for. You will see that this is the ultimate way of creating your own fall capsule collection with perfect fall items. A little planning and wishlist-ing go a long way in having your best wardrobe yet! You will thank yourself when you are enjoying how your well-thought out pieces match perfectly together and come together into what you envisioned.

nycbambi:Friday 😜

nycbambi:Friday 😜

Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

To get you started we share our own fall wardrobe wishlist. Here are the top items to invest in to get your September wardrobe update.


1. Low Heels

Trust me on this one! Every cool look spotted the past month, there was good chance it had a low heel in it. It’s been all sneakers lately and that is fine. Because sneakers are comfortable and cool. But with the new season, the time has come to change things up again. Without losing comfort, a lower heel is the solution to get a little bit more dressed-up. Literally, a little bit more dressed up.


The Iconic Issue

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2. A Classic Coat

I am a big fan of classic coats and the reason is purely emotional. Because no matter what happens in your closet or in your life, when you have a classic coat this is such a life saver. If uplifts every outfit and goes with every outfit. All the more because combining sporty and urban styles with chic styles have been so on trend lately. This just means that with a classic piece in your wardrobe you are always good. Combine it with sneakers and athleisure or with chic boots and a pantalon, depending on your mood. And look fabulous either way. See how life get’s easier with a classic coat?


christiescloset: My favorite plain tee @...

christiescloset: My favorite plain tee @toteme 🕊

3. The Perfect Blazer

Nothing builds a wardrobe more than having good blazers to fall back on. Next to your outerwear, you also need something nice when it is just warm enough to go without a big coat. Or when you have an important meeting or presentation a work. Or when you just like to feel put together. Mostly then.

Either way, you get the point. Blazers have the ability to transform your favorite t-shirt and jeans combo into something quite special. lately, I am really into colorful blazers. They give just that extra kick. Plus the bright colors, textures and prints look amazing with denim.

The Iconic Issue

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Fall Fashion Street Style Inspired Curated Items

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