French Style Secrets

That chic French style seems to be the key to be effortlessly sophisticated. It is about looking feminine but above all comfortable. Everybody knows the feeling when you dressed up and did your make-up and in the end, it doesn’t quite feel like ‘you’.

French girls don’t do that. They wear their clothes with personality and don’t let their outfit become bigger than themselves. Instead, they make sure to have a wardrobe full of well-selected pieces that make it a breeze to pick killer outfits. It simply all goes together! So, how can we learn from them to look just as je ne sais quoi?


french style wardrobe guide

Talking about easy..

The key is to have a clear idea in your head about the pieces you are looking for. Invest in quality classics in neutral tones and the occasional red for date night, because well: l’amour…


Guide To Getting The Ultimate French Style:

1. Build A Wardrobe With Classic Pieces

If there is one thing all stylish French women understand it is the power of wardrobe staples. You have to see them as the foundation of your style and wardrobe. A house can’t stand without a solid base, and the same goes for your classic French style wardrobe.

So, how do you get one of those? Don’t worry, we got your back. Take note while you go through this list. And imagine yourself with your new wardrobe full of classy French staples that will make your life so much more stylish, and easy.

Here we go:


1. Le wrap dress:

The wrap dress is huge this season and oh so comfortable. If you find one with ruffles, hold on and don’t let go!

2. Polkadot blouses:

The ultimate feminine print for a French style update to any outfit.

3. The Breton Stripe:

An all-time ultimate classic, you cannot go wrong with a cute stripe top! When you want to mix it up, you can go a little wild with red or bright blue instead of marine blue and black.

4. Romantic brodery tops:

Cutest in white, neutral or black and match amazingly with light blue denim.

5. Scarves:

Super fun to play with by putting them on your bag, hair, bracelet or instead of a belt for an immediate touch of class.

6. The ultimate vintage jeans:

Obviously. Go for high waisted, have at least one perfect mom jeans and one perfect flared jeans in your french wardrobe.

7. Loafers:

Also a big trend at the moment. Super easy because they go with everything and are appropriate for every occasion. If you are looking for a piece to invest in, these are your friends! A true classic that really shows its quality. The Gucci horse bit loafers are the IT item of this season and are such an iconic pair that they will never go out of style.

8. Trench coat:

A good trench coat is a real lifesaver to fall back on when you don’t want to think about your outfit. Or in just about any other situation. Why? Well that is simple: They go with everything, they look amazing, feminine and classy, and they fit great around your body because of the A-line and the belt.


2. Don’t Follow Just Any Trend: Stay With Your Own Style

Pick your own personal style, and stick with it. This should come naturally to you because it consists of the type of clothes you feel comfortable and powerful in. Trends come and go. While they can be fun to play with, when it comes to the core of your style and wardrobe this should not play a big role.

Once you have set the basis for your wardrobe, you will see nice positive balance in your style. From there you can update your look by selecting some trends that fit you and your wardrobe well. For example, this can be an update of some basic staples that keep your look fresh and contemporary. Such as an oversized version the Breton striped top, an extra long version of the trench coat or Gucci loafers with a flower print. Sounds not bad right?

When you mix some of these trends with your wardrobe your outfit will get the best of both worlds: super classy and chic, but also fresh and new!

3. Quality Over Quantity

French girls know the importance of great quality clothes. They value well-made ensembles and tailored pieces. Because they know quality shows on your body, to other people, but mostly to yourself. You just know you look great when you have a good quality piece on.

How nice is it to have some well selected beautiful items in your closet that totally represent what you like? When you have those pieces in your closet it can bring you such joy and proud, it will make it so easy and fun for you to dress.

It is important to make sure those pieces fit perfectly on your body. This is really something worth investing in. The payoff will come in how you look and feel, but also in how long you will be able to enjoy those pieces. Because of all the quality and care that goes into these items, they will last and last!

Mirror mirror on the wall, French girls know best of all.


♡ Au revoir, mes amours ♡

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