We kick-off with gratefulness as the start of Philosophy Café, the place where we dive in the inspirational and essential world of personal growth.

Philosophy Café starts with one of the most powerful and basic ingredients of a healthy mindset. And that is the power of gratefulness.

Being grateful means having the opposite mindset of being stressed and unsatisfied. Simply because being grateful leaves little to no room for being ungrateful and all the negative feelings that result from this state.

How do you get into that grateful mindset? Well, you decide to be grateful! By shaping your intention into being grateful, you shape your intention into the most powerful intention possible. That intention, in turn, shapes your actions and results. The decision to be grateful creates a ripple effect of positive things in your life. 


What does being grateful mean?

I hear you thinking. So, how does that work exactly? How does being grateful influence the rest of your life? This is the part where it gets interesting. Being grateful means getting yourself in a specific state. Also known as a state of mind. This involves how you think from what you consider yourself to be capable of to how you see yourself. A thing that seems so simple goes as far as to how you treat other people and most importantly, how you treat yourself. It creates what you are made of. What you are made of in turn creates the vibration you live in. Everything that lives exists on a certain vibration, a certain level.



The grateful mindset shift

Practicing gratefulness is one of the most powerful tools to open yourself up to positive things. By shifting from a ‘lack’ mindset to an ‘abundance’ mindset you change the way you look at things. Remember the saying ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’? Great wisdom lies in this quote. It describes in a simple way how our reality is formed in our minds. Reality is simply our own hallucination of the world. Therefor there is no such thing as reality. We form our own reality. Our vision of reality in turn shapes how we create our future reality. Because we shape our thoughts, words, actions and expectations according to our current reality. Why would you then choose to see your world in a lacking way? That sets you up for missing things. Appreciating what you have creates your future towards those things. You are saying ‘thank you’ in advance for what is already yours.

Attract what you envision

This way of thinking sets your mind up to see possibilities instead of problems. Programming your mind to create what you are thankful for and open up the way to get there. Pretty cool right?

A good way to start this practice is journalling. Simply start or finish each day by writing down 5 things that you are thankful for. You will see this has an immediate result on your mood and a longterm domino effect of positivity in your life. Let’s go grateful!

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