Kendall Jenner: The Ultimate Model Street Style

Kendall Jenner Millennial Model Pack

Kendall Jenner, the 21 year old leader of the millennial model pack has made her mark on fashion. Her career has been on the rise since 2014 when she walked the fashion weeks of Milan, New York and Paris. The rest is history. Well not all history, as she is more alive than ever on the runway as well as off. Being a member of the Kardashian family she is always been in the public eye. This has caused her some critique about getting a free ride in the modeling world. Something she has always fought against as she has repeatedly talked about her famous family being a reason to prove herself even more.

The Instagirl Era

She is part of a modeling generation that is called ‘The Instagirl era‘ as nowadays the following on Instagram is the measurement for a models popularity and influence. Her Instagram is definitely worth following and greets you with behind the scenes modeling shots. But what gives an even more fun viewing experience, are her own creative ensembles before as well as behind the camera. This is how she received the most likes ever on an Instagram picture, when she put her hair in little hearts, a picture you might have stumbled upon. Kendall also lets her creative side out on the platform, as she sometimes shares a photo from when she was on the other side of the camera and shares the world through her eyes with her followers. Yup, you are an Instagirl or not.

Kendall is often called The Tomboy of her family as she always seems to keep her cool laid-back style. She has got the most amazing model street style that is often imitated. She just always gets it right without looking like she tried too hard, as we have learnt is the secret to that wanted on point look. So, what can we take from looking at her go-to outfits?


Kendall Jenner’s Style in 8 Ultimate Looks

1/8 Oversized coats for laid-back comfort and class. She always goes for daring and sexy elements like the pointed heels and ripped net stockings.


kendall jenner, style



2/8 Sporty elements such as the bomber jacket and lately a lot of labels, like the Dior Addict t-shirt. The 00’s feeling is high in this outfit and is something Kendall loves to play with.


kendall jenner, style


3/8 Lots of leather and animal print.


kendall jenner, style


3/8 Never be afraid of naked. Kendall makes her outfits interesting by mixing vintage elements like the denim and fur with a daring sheer top with stars.


kendall jenner, style


4/8 Crop tops and skinny jeans are her go-to outfit. Here in a sheer and leather ensemble.


kendall jenner, style


5/7 Vintage t-shirts.


kendall jenner, style


6/7 Halter tops, skirts and ankle boots. Ankle boots are the stylish shoe-wear Kendall Jenner always falls back on, perfect to add to any outfit.


kendall jenner, style


7/7 The perfect vintage mom jeans. It is all about the combination, she mixes it with a belt and red top.


kendall jenner, style

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