London Fashion Week Street Style

The streets of London during fashion week are where you need to be for the boldest looks of the season. The capital’s girls here are not afraid to color outside the lines and set a trend or two. Be prepared for color, daring shapes and British’ biggest style influencers strutting their stuff.

London Fashion week SS2019 Trend Spotting

This has to be the most fun game there is: Spotting the new street style trends during fashion week. London is all about being eccentric, individual and quirky. That’s a recipe for some truly great style inspiration.

Even though spring/summer 2019 is not particularly around the corner, fashion always looks forward. And so do we, because being on top of the trends is also helpful when deciding on your winter wardrobe. A smart girl is prepared.

Let’s take a look at what the most stylish capital girls were wearing during London fashion week SS2019.

We have our fashion notes ready!


London Fashion Week: What The Capital Girls Wear

1. Dior Stole the Show

If there is one logo print that has been the frontrunner of the logomania trend it is Dior. The iconic Dior logo has been calling the shots in a lot of the best street style looks from the SS2019 fashion weeks and London has been no different. Favorite is the vintage edition of the print, the Dior logo has been doing really well on vintage bags. Of course Dior has played on this trend and launched amazing new IT-bags with the popular logo.


London Fashion Week: What The Capital Girls Wear

2. Burberry and Plaid Prints are the New Superhero’s

London’s capital girls were wearing the new and cool versions of the classic Burberry print as if it’s their superhero cape. Especially with a touch of neon color, the print has made a 2019 update.


London Fashion Week: What The Capital Girls Wear

3. Brown is the New Black

Brown and beige tone-on-tone tints are hot. A little pro tip is to match shades of brown in different textured layers. Leather and wool, for example, make your outfit super chic, luxurious and ready for the fall season.


London Fashion Week: What The Capital Girls Wear

4. Keep it Cool

It wouldn’t be London fashion week if outfits weren’t new, daring and different. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the capital of cool than setting the tone for wardrobe madness of the coming season. This SS2019 fashion week called for Asian influences and references. But, the point here is not to particularly copy, just have fun with daring t-shirts and go out of the box.


London Fashion Week: What The Capital Girls Wear

5. To Pastel or To Neon?

The color pallette inspiration from London SS2019 street style is clear. Very clear. It is pastel and neon that are calling the shots. Preferably matched together into an interesting ensemble that can already be an inspiration to bright up your fall/winter wardrobe.


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