How Matilda Djerf Channels The Iconic Brigitte Bardot Style

The Brigitte Bardot Style Effect

If there is anyone who’s style has been inspiring me and over again for the past year, it is Matilda Djerf. She is – what else – a Danish fashion blogger who reminds strongly of Brigitte Bardot. Her style is playful, happy and modern with a big vintage wink. Where Scandi style is mostly minimal and tends to move between masculine and feminine, Matilda’s outfits are girly all the way without losing that Scandi cool.

French style museBRIGITTE BARDOT

Ultime icône du style Français Brigitte Bardot

BB knew how to play with her looks like nobody else. It made her the ultimate French style icon to date. Her outfits are timeless and can always be counted on for a shot of vintage inspiration. She played the part of the playful bombshell but always with an innocent girl next door attitude. An interesting balance Matilda also channels, mixing her Scandinavian roots with vintage inspiration and a good beachy tan.

Matilda Djerf and her signature Sunny Vintage Look

Matilda Djerf is the 20th-century answer to 60s style icons. Her sunny and playful ensembles are as close as an outfit can come to a sunny vacation. The big blonde hair and perfect match between Scandinavian modern and playful vintage makes her the Brigitte Bardot of our times.

How Matilda Djerf Channels Brigitte Bardot Style
How Matilda Djerf Channels Brigitte Bardot Style

Matilda Djerf Style Guide

How does Matilda Djerf channel into the 60s and 70s style icon in her? And how can we attain those Brigitte Bardot looks that are still as beautiful today as they were then?

Vintage Vibes

Matilda is all about mixing vintage pieces with modern items. She chooses vintage Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Fendi bags to match with vintage gold earrings, belt chains, bracelets and necklaces. It’s vintage baby! 

I love adding vintage pieces to my wardrobe and outfits. It feels more special and looks amazing to match with new pieces. Balance does the trick.

Brigitte Bardot Style
Brigitte Bardot Style

Pastel Party

Matilda loves to add some pastels to her neutral-toned outfits. This is one of my favorite tricks to make your outfit modern and electric. It looks fresh without losing class and chicness. Those pastel colors match perfectly with grey and vintage beige and brown tones.

Brigitte Bardot Style
How Matilda Djerf Channels Brigitte Bardot StyleBrigitte Bardot Style

Blazer Basics

Blazers are absolute staples for putting together the ultimate wardrobe. They often are at the core of Matilda Djerf’s outfits. Lately, I am obsessed with blazer dresses, minimal blazers, grey blazers and wrap blazers.

Last but not leastSUNNIES

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How Matilda Djerf Channels Brigitte Bardot Style

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