New York City Guide: Winter Edition

I thought it would be nice to write a New York Guide as a report of my experience. As the next adventure to New York City is about to start, I am looking back to a my last visit. A Year ago, I visited the concrete jungle for the first time, together with my sister. The city was just recovering from a snowstorm and we experienced it for the first time as a winter wonderland. We both had the most amazing trip and fell in love with the city.


new york city, travel guide

Girls In The City: New York City Guide

We had the most fun exploring together and stroled around the city all day and night. We walked around 10-20 km everyday and sometimes took the metro when we felt like it. Daytime we spent searching for the best places to eat, and New York is the best possible place for this. My sister loves to cook (she is also the best cook I know) and I eat mostly vegan (sometimes fish), so we have our opinions about high quality and good food. This alone is a reason for us to be in love with New York City. All kinds of hip places you can find here, that understand that people like high quality food. When we visited a year ago there already were a lot of vegan places and options, I can’t wait to see what has arrived in addition to this now!



new york city, travel guide

new york city, travel guide

New York City Guide To The Best Food Places

The places we visited and loved:

  •       The Standard Hotel

    A place in the hip Meatpacking District with a real New York feeling. They have the best cocktails and is good for when you want a nice classy night out. They also have a rooftop bar, but a little tip: the rooftop is closed on Mondays. We found this out the hard way, as we had the euphoric feeling of ‘The City Never Sleeps’, but when we arrived with our yellow cap, we found out it was closed. Anyhow, The Standard Hotel and the rooftop are really an addition to your New York visit!

  •       The Butchers Daughter

    This hip place is the best for breakfast, lunch or the very New York brunch. I can understand that brunch is such a thing in this city, as there are so many cute places to go. Also, it is so fun to look at how cute everybody is dressed. Much better viewing pleasure than how people are dressed in my home country (Netherlands).

  •        Le Pain Quotidien

    We liked this place so much, we had brunch here twice! They have the best avocado toast and granola parfaits here, just what you need when you are walking around town all day. I was so happy when I found out they have this in my home town Amsterdam too.

  •       The Seafood Bar

    This place was super hip and new when we went there, now it is better known. Looks great and also tastes great ;).

  •        By Chloe

    Vegan snackbar! Way better than McDonalds!

  •        Blue Stone Lane Cafe

    Another crazy good place to have brunch. Also the best granola and coffee and this was one of those places all cool locals went for brunch. We went there on a sunday and there were lines to have a spot. Then you know you are at the good place!And of course there was much more! I am curious to find out what has changed since then, as I will be back in a few days. So excited!


new york city, travel guide

new york city, travel guide


New York City Day and Night

Ofcourse we did more than eat, although that is always one of the fun things! We visited all the nice area’s as Soho, East Village, West Village, Upper East Side and Chinatown and the new cool kid Brooklyn. Ofcourse we visited the famous Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art. They have the most amazing collection from Henri Matisse to Picasso here.

We went out one night and stumbled upon a local bar in West Village. It was sort of hidden and there we had the best experience that I will never forget! Another night out we met up with a girlfriend I still know from elementary school. So cool that we both visited New York City at the same time, so of course we met up. With the three of us we went to a very wrong karaoke cafe at Times Square. After a few cocktail we stood outside and next-door to the bar was a stripclub. When the doorman invited us in, the next adventure of the night began. These two super different nights out, of our first time visiting New York City, I will never forget. Also I shared them with my sister which was such a cool experience and it makes me happy that the next New York adventure is on its way!

xox, Rachel

new york city, travel guide

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