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As lasts week Copenhagen Fashion Week has successfully shown, Scandi girls possess a natural feeling for style du moment. The street style girls formed a clean, yet fresh image which is so characteristic for Scandinavian style. But lately the attention for Danish style has reached top levels. It seems to replace our decennia long cherished obsession with Parisian nonchalant style. This maybe the point where both Parisian and Scandinavian style collide, they both start with simplism. And as everybody knows, all the best things are simple.


 Social Zoo

One of the leading ladies, easy to say the leading lady in Scandinavian style, is Pernille Teisbeak. After working on her successful blog Look de Pernille for three years, she decided to change things up. She closed her blog and started working as a Fashion Director on an online platform which allowed her to write more editorial articles. In addition to that, she started Social Zoo, an agency for social media talent and creative development. It is clear that the Danish social butterfly knows a thing or two about style. Let’s go through what makes her signature style so admirable.


Lesson 1: Comfort Is Key

What makes Scandinavian girls look so cool is because that is how they feel. They are comfortable with what they wear and this helps them to be comfortable with themselves. When you are happy with your outfit and you don’t push yourself into difficult garments and unflattering shapes, you start your day by doing yourself a favor. And you will be surprised by the positive effects this has on your mood and mental attitude throughout the whole day.

scandinavian style, pernille teisbeak


Lesson 2: Know Your Classics

This is really the basis of any good wardrobe, but especially for getting the secrets to the ultimate Scandinavian style. The key is to train your eye to spot good quality chic and well designed items. Things like a trenchcoat, turtleneck, sweater, blouse, mom-jeans and a wide leg pantalon should be staples in your closet. Mix it up in fabrics such as wool, cashmere, lace, leather and suede. But to avoid an average dull wardrobe, always make sure they have a twist. Because being standard won’t make you look like a style icon. Choose longer sleeves, a wider fit, bolder denim, be creative in the most forward but chic way!

scandinavian style, pernille teisbeak


Lesson 3: Layer It Up!

A very effective way to make your outfit interesting is to make cool combinations. Especially when you have good quality but special staples, you can add the twist by combining unexpected items that work out surprisingly well. Playing with layers adds depth to your outfit and also makes it fun! Add a silk top over your turtleneck and a blouse under a top or sweater always works well. And of course blazers and jackets are the stars in this category!

scandinavian style, pernille teisbeak


Lesson 4: Mix It Up!

What marks the characteristically cool but laid-back style of Pernille Teisbeak is the combination of sporty and chic. All atleisure style needs, is a little bit of chic and fashion forward nordic designs to wear it with. These two make a killer combination for a cool outfit.

scandinavian style, pernille teisbeak


Lesson 5: Scandinavian Style Silhouettes

There is something that Nordic style queens always have in common, and that is there playful and unique approach to silhouettes. They combine boxy and oversized with feminine and body hugging. Wide ensembles make you look sophisticated and are extremely comfortable. They open-up a lot of style options, for example by layering a wide dress with a sweater. Combine boxy or masculine fittings with soft silk or sexy lace and your outfit will feel like the perfect balance instead of ‘trying too hard’. The perfect amount of Scandinavian style guaranteed!

scandinavian style, pernille teisbeak





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