How Scandinavian Bloggers Get The Endlessly Cool Scandi Style

Thanks to the endlessly cool Scandinavian bloggers, Scandinavian style does not even need the front-runner street style photo’s from Copenhagen Fashion Week. Scandi style is already on top of my mind when it comes to maintaining an enviable personal look. The ability to dress in an authentically cool way seems to be rooted in the Scandinavian ways. That explains why it is not only the fashion bloggers’ outfits that are blessed with the Scandi-genes, but Scandinavian interior design is also playing for the winning team.

While originally Fashion capitals like Milan and Paris were internationally known to be the bearers of great style, attention has lately started to shift. With more iconic fashion houses than a place in your closet to fill, they proudly express their culture with everything from Valentino to Chanel and Saint Laurent. And don’t get me wrong, they still do and I hope they never stop. But there is something interesting happing in the Northern side of Europe and the world is watching.



Copenhagen the New Fashion Capital

It undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that fashion, like life, revolves around movement and going forward. It never stands still. Trends, people, clothes, collections and also cities move. In that aspect, it is only logical that the big four fashion capitals of the world, Paris, Milan, New York and London, make space for something new. Or better to say, something new creates its own place. Copenhagen Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event of the Nordic countries and has the rest of the world follow the Copenhagen Fashion Week crowd’s footsteps, and more importantly the Scandinavian bloggers’ outfits, every move.


Scandinavian bloggers

The current attention of Copenhagen Fashion Week comes from the successful Scandinavian labels such as Ganni, Gestuz, Filippa K and Baum Und Pferdgarten. But perhaps even more from the endlessly cool pack of Fashion bloggers showing the Scandinavian look off with flare on the Fashion Week streets.

Because of social media’s connectedness, we get to broaden our horizons further than the original fashion capitals were all of our attention used to go. There simply is more to look at, more to express and more of a platform for stylish people to showcase their looks.

The Danish Pernille Teisbaek and Norwegian Elin Kling are my favorites and are among the leading Scandinavian bloggers. But there is a whole world out there of girls who prove the Scandi style is something quite special. I would say the most appealing thing is that their attitude is so refreshing compared to the glamorous notion of style that we are used to. The polished Victoria Beckham before Victora Beckham kind of fashionable. The idea that style is for women who take two hours to get dressed and follow a specific rulebook of maintenance. That idea has gone out of the window.



The Scandinavian Style

Like Victoria Beckham reinvented herself and found out her new way of self-expression (and how), the fashion girls from the north showed their own way of doing it. Let’s look how. I’m taking you through the best looks of my favorite Scandinavian bloggers who turned into style icons. And decode what their wearing, how and why.



Darja Barranik

We are taking it one It-girl at a time. Starting with how the Russian-Norwegian fashion editor and journalist Darja Barranik creates her cool Scandinavian look.

Darja Narranik lets the stylish surroundings of her hometown Oslo inspire her as well as her Russian origin. This results in the interesting mixture of a luxe style with unexpected items and choices. Overall this brings together a coherent aesthetic that never falls short to inspire my wardrobe. It always makes me wish I had a piece of her wardrobe (entire wardrobe – who am I kidding?). Let’s take a look at Darja Narranik’s best Scandinavian looks and find out how she puts her outfits together.




Mind the Fitting and Color Palette

Darja’s looks are characterized by an aesthetically pleasing neutral color palette. And when there is color in her outfit it matches really well with the overall look.

If you want to take notes from her looks and built a Scandinavian wardrobe like Darja Barranik, start with building high-quality basics in a neutral tone. But careful here, don’t want to be too basic. Otherwise, you will miss the entire point of getting the cool Scandinavian look. We want basics that are a little bit different and futuristic. Think unisex and oversized shapes, fitting is key here! Match the more masculine pieces with sensual feminine ones and make it interesting. Play around and find your winning pieces and combinations.

Patterns are the ticket to your best Scandinavian Look

Darja uses patterns to combine with… patterns! They are thé way to create mindblowing outfits that are original. Because you would initially be more drawn to wear a heavy pattern with something neutral, it looks extra interesting when you don’t. Use your visual sense to mix the right patterns together. Because it all comes down to that perfect combination that makes your outfit look like a graphic design masterpiece.



Pick the right seasonal It-bags, shoes, accessories and jackets

Once you have the foundation of your wardrobe all set-up, it comes down to putting the dots on the i. Or the icing on the cake, as this is a Dutch saying. This is the fun part where you get to look at which trends you want to select to create your Scandinavian look. Darja Barranik is kind of the queen in this game. She has the best of the best key pieces to play the showstopping parts in her look.

These showstoppers change when fashion does, but that makes it all the more fun. As you can always update and change your look. And nobody says things have to be ‘out of style’. When you stay close to quality pieces in your own personal style, things always stay beautiful. You can just add some fabulous key items to update! Please find a selection of what Darja would pick out below.



Pernille Teisbaek

We continue our journey towards that endlessly cool Scandinavian look with one of my other favorite Scandinavian bloggers. The also Danish It-girl, fashion blogger and owner of influencer agency Social Zoo, Pernille Teisbaek.

Pernille’s style is always equally on-point as unexpected. Therefore it’s all the more special that it’s so distinctly recognizable. Her style uses some of the same style rules as Darja’s, because they both have perfected the art of Scandinavian dressing. But her looks have a distinct Pernille Teisbaek thing. Let’s find out what!



The best version of basics you can find, but always with a twist

Pernille Teisbaek is a girl of quality basics in the best version possible, but always with a twist. You don’t become a style icon by sticking to basics after all. The special items and layering are what makes her style stand out. Make unexpected combinations of modern pieces. The trick Pernille has perfected to the max.

Her items are a bit longer, wider, shorter, boxier, with 3 layers, a big collar or wide neck, you name it, Pernille has it. She manages to make it work so well that you don’t even notice because it doesn’t look ‘off’. It looks just perfect but then a little bit more interesting.



Comfort is Key

Scandinavian girls now this all too well. They don’t become fashion victims that let their outfit wear them. They wear their outfit with pride and make sure they are comfortable. Because only then you can be the best you, feel the best you and look the best you. This comfort is what makes the difference between an all glammed up outfit with uncomfortable heels and a dress so tight you can’t enjoy the present.

Pernille Tesbaek’s look is always stylish but not in the way that it limits her comfort. And ironically that makes her look so much cooler. Because you put your own happiness and comfort above trying something too hard. Major lesson learned, thanks Pernille.



Simply the Best

Last but not least, Pernille knows how to play with neutralness and simple items. She practices the ‘less is more’ principle but makes sure it is always modern and everything but boring. How to do this?

First, you make sure the quality is good. Invest in the right designer items from labels that match this modern view. Some of Pernille’s favorites are Celine, Ganni and Baum und Pferdgarten. It’s about the right mixture of classics.

Like in this picture, white jeans in vintage fit with a high quality modern beige blouse worn tied. The eye-catchers of the look are her strappy sandals and gold jewelry. Simplicity and quality done just right. That is how Scandinavian bloggers put their renewing, modern and cool look together.

What would Scandinavian Bloggers Wear?

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