Selena Gomez Style File: Instagram’s Reigning Queen

Instagram is full of Selena Gomez style inspiration. Being Instagram’s Reigning Queen, she does not come short on good outfit pictures to keep her followers up-to-date. Since she strategically decided to put more effort in her fashion sense and image, she has been on everybody’s fashion radar.

When looking at these street style looks, one can only say she totally deserves that spotlight!



The looks we picked to nail down the typical Selena Gomez style, are not from Instagram though. Because street style looks are perfect to spot what someone’s day to day look is. Plus, everybody knows Instagram pictures are highly stylized and curated to craft that perfect image. The funny thing is, we keep forgetting that tiny detail as we scroll down our feed. We only see the crafted ‘perfect’ lives of friends, brands, and celebrities.

Mental Health

This is something that is also close to Selena’s heart. She battled with depression and anxiety and has been open about her mental struggle with these mental health issues. It started when she canceled a part of her Revival Tour in 2016 to get treatment for anxiety and depression. This was the second time she canceled a big tour, the first time was to get a treatment for lupus.

Luckily she recovered with rehab from this period with a lot of strength. November 2017 she gave an inspiring speech at the American Music Awards in which she expressed her journey to overcome what she has been going through.

Not unimportant side note: She made the ultimate come-back and won the Artist of the Year award. In her speech, she made it clear that putting your own health first is the most important thing of all, and that can be incredibly difficult in this day and age.

Strong Message

“I’m not trying to get validation nor do I need it anymore,” she explained in her acceptance speech. Everybody in the audience was touched by her open and honest voice on such an important subject. Including Lady Gaga, who teared up on camera (and surely was not the only one).

She ended her speech with: “If you are broke you don’t have to stay broken.” A loud and clear message to everybody who can relate to her struggle. And when someone is that open and real, it is hard not to relate. A very strong and important signal from Selena to take her award as an opportunity to address these issues. In a social media world, these problems become increasingly relevant and urgent while we still remain a stigma around them. Selena proved with her message that speaking up about what you know in your heart is right, is where your true strength lies.

13 Reasons Why

The very successful and controversial TV show ’13 Reasons Why’ also deals with issues of bullying, depression, anxiety, social media, and suicide. Selena Gomez was involved as a producer in this TV series from the beginning. Because she wanted to address these issues that are so urgent but also so ignored in our society. The show did cause a lot of uprises, positive and negative. Mostly because of graphic depictions of suicide, violence, and rape that is portrayed painfully real in the series.

Selena explained the show by saying that these dark things are what young people experience and that we have to talk about it in a real and honest way. We expect Season 2 of the impressive TV Series (premieres May 18, 2018) to continue to address issues that young people of today face in a controversial and honest way.

Selena Gomez Style Muse

More than enough reason to crown Selena Gomez as our muse, in more ways than one! Besides her powerful speeches and creative work, she also inspires us with her super laid back street style. Because that is secretly what you want for a day to day look, things that are comfortable bring out the best in you!

We have selected some of the best Selena Gomez style outfits to copy for an everyday look, to empower yourself and your outfit. Take a look at our favorite looks, and shop your favorite look!


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