A Brand New Shoe Trend Is Here

If there is any trend I am obsessed with right now, it’s combat boots/hiking boots or winter booties (however you want to call them). Mark my words: they are the next big thing in shoe-world after we all fell in love with sneakers. These winter-proof boots are as comfortable as they come plus they look cool and sporty.

This Shoe Trend Is The Next Big Thing after SneakersThese Shoes are The Next Big Thing after Sneakers

Winter Boots Are Made For Walking

That’s just what they do. Although Jessica Simpson was singing about cowboy boots, warm combat boots actually do the trick even better. There is certainly no lack of ease when it comes to winter’s latest shoe trend. No surprise that comfort comes first again, as we have seen with the ongoing athleisure trend. What makes this sporty movement such a winner is not only that it is so easy to follow, but it makes you jump a few steps up on the coolness radar. Simply because by owning your look you help yourself. No need for complicated dressing, just you and your booties. That being said, dressing up can be equally as fun, to say the least. There is a time and place for everything! That’s the fun of playing with style. You can tap into a new alter ego with every look you create. I consider it a way of expression, freedom and just simply a source of joy!


This Shoe Trend Is The Next Big Thing after Sneakers

If The Shoe Fits..

Luckily, this huge shoe trend comes in many forms. We got the hardcore hiking boots, shearling boots embedded with cuddly fabric, or a fusion between hike and combat boots. A shoe for every activity and a level of toughness for every girls’ mood. I have my eyes set on the See by Chloé pair that I have already imagined with every item in my closet. They all look banging with them I can tell you.

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