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All the best looks that are popping up on social media lately have something in common. Well, not all of them have something in common with all of them. But all of them do have something in common with one of the other outfits. And those things are few trends that make it easy peasy for you to update your outfits by infusing your wardrobe with a touch of cool. All the more reason to see what these trends are in 6 perfect outfits and shop by look.

Ready? Because we tracked down exactly what it is that makes these outfit pop from the screen and what gives them that cool vibe. Let’s go!

1. A Gif Neon Green Infusion

Who would have thought that the color that reminds you of a snakebite or some other type of poison would suddenly make your outfit that much hotter? Because it does. The neon green makes a style statement so bright it can’t do anything other than make your outfit pop all the way to the top of cool outfits on our list. All the Scandi style stars use this trend trick and give their outfit a modern twist in a snakebite – uhh heartbeat.

Shop By Outfit: All The Major Trends In 6 Perfect Looks

2. Plaid Away

Checked and plaid patterns are stealing the show big time. The best thing about them is that they are technically a pattern but they feel like a neutral. They kind of are the new Gingham print. They go with everything, are easy to combine and feel super comfortable. Just like your good old favorite coat or sweater that always looks good on you. Something you can always count and fall back on. But with the benefits of being on trend instead of pulling out your dusty old coat. What could be better than that?

Shop By Outfit: All The Major Trends In 6 Perfect Looks

3. Burberry Goes Urban

The more urban version of the neutral plaid print is back: the Burberry print. But this time not as the chic version we are used to. The current Burberry trend is about everything but chic. It is worn as a cool urban trend to match with other daring streetwear items. Preferably nineties logos and tiny sunglasses will do the trick.


Shop By Outfit: All The Major Trends In 6 Perfect Looks

4. ‘I’m a Cool Nerd’ Ugly Sneakers

Balenciaga set the biggest statement-turned-fashion trend of the year when they launched the Triple S sneakers. They took everything that was considered to be ugly in a shoe, ‘tripled’ that and their new sneaker was born. The rest is history because people really got what Balenciaga was going for. I guess people like to play along with the game Balenciaga is trying to play. They push boundaries of ugly and beautiful and show how fast these boundaries can be thrown away and turned around by creating a trend. That, and the fact that their ugly sneaker is a big status symbol.

Anyhow, apart from the Triple S, the ugly sneaker trend has really set off and is here to stay. If you don’t want to go as intense as the Triple S, there are a lot of options that keep it a little bit sexier and make styling your outfit super easy.

Shop By Outfit: All The Major Trends In 6 Perfect Looks

5. Soul Cycle Pants

Short cycle pants are one of the funniest trends of the moment. But I have to be honest, they do work. As a side effect of the athleisure movement (let’s call it a movement as it is bypassed trend a long time ago), they bring a little sporty to your outfit. In a renewing unexpected way, they are the alternative for when you are up for something new. For when you are running out of sporty items and are up for something fresh.


Shop By Outfit: All The Major Trends In 6 Perfect Looks

6. Peacock with Purple

In addition to neon green, bright purple is also stealing the spotlight. A perfect match for Scandinavian grey outfits to color your outfit with. The same way as the neon green, bright purple modernizes your look when styled right.


Shop By Outfit: All The Major Trends In 6 Perfect Looks

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