This Is My Shopping List to Put Together the Perfect Winter Outfits

Winter Outfits

It’s time, more than time! When temperatures are low, you need to help yourself out a little. Or actually a lot. Because going from fall to winter is no joke. From enjoying the beautiful changing colors and falling leaves you turn to freezing your ass off. Without a warning all of a sudden it happened. Winter is here and it has no mercy for your wardrobe that has not been updated properly yet. Temperature aside, I like to treat myself extra when it gets cold to make sure I stay happy. What always helps with the extra winter challenge is to get organized. So I start making lists with items I need or that just simply make me feel happy and energized. Then I feel like winter isn’t that bad at all. It is actually quite fun as long as you keep yourself warm and cozy!



The Winter Shopping List

For my kind of perfect winter outfits, I selected key items from cozy sweaters to chunky combat boots.

1. Dr. Martens Platform Boots

The iconic Dr. Marten boots in a new cool update. The platforms add an even more rebel edge to them. You can wear this with almost everything. I prefer to mix them with something ladylike such as a silk skirt or floral dress.



2. Teddy & Faux Fur Sweaters

Because they are those kind of items that only have benefit on top of benefit. They are warm, cozy, soft and cute. Just pop one on and you add a layer of warmth and happiness to your outfit.



3. Combat Boots

If there is one thing I am obsessed with right now, it is combat boots. They are the perfect answer to sneakers in winter time.


4. Wool Sweaters

This one almost needs no explanation. Having a staple of perfect wool sweaters in your closet is a must for putting together your ideal winter outfits.



5. Floral Dresses

Last but not least, some ladylike florals to balance out the heavy winter gear. Don’t worry, you won’t be cold! Just add a thick wool panty in black or grey (love them!) and some of the warmer stuff on the list.


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