Studio 54 New York Partyscene

Everyone who was anyone partied in the legendary Studio 54 in New York. The club was the center of the partyscene in the 70s and was well known for its extravagance. All due to beautiful people, artists, celebrities and lots and lots of style. At that time, anything went and decadence was a good thing. There often were themed parties and you could go in black-tie as easy as you could go in jeans. But most of all, it was super hard to get in and there was always a crazy long line outside the club. But once inside, it was all the more carefree and fun. Studio 54 really embodied its time as all different sorts of people where there: drag queens, society queens, uptown and downtown. It all came together in an interesting environment of freedom and individuality. Where everybody was equal and felt like a star.



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Bianca Jagger: 70s Glam

The two leading ladies when it comes to style, were Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall. Both were once married to Mick Jagger (not at the same time!). In Studio 54 heydays, Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger were regulars and would often visit the nightclub together. Bianca Jagger was a true style icon of her time. With all the style lessons we can learn from her studio 54 outfit photo’s, she is the original IT girl from this era. Because of Bianca’s super cool 70s Glam style and her huge attitude it is instantly clear that the girl’s got some class.

Let’s take a look at Bianca Jagger’s go-to party outfits. She styles her iconic looks with glitter, tailored suits, silk wrap dresses with deep v-necks and splits, panties with a print, fur stola’s and see through tops. She went big on head accessories and wore the tulband like she was royalty. Looking at her sense of perfect glamorous style, she probably is.


Jerry Hall And Her Supermodel Looks

Jerry Hall was not only one of the nightclubs regulars, as she was often there in the company of Calvin Klein and Andy Warhol. She was also a show stopper who showed some iconic looks in her nights there. She knew how to highlight her supermodel looks with simple and sexy outfits like a lace body suit or glitter strap top. Especially because her outfits are still very wearable and are pretty much party classics. Especially the silk two-peace with the ruffled top is totally on trend as ruffles are the big trend this season.



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