Alexa Chung Instagram & street style looks

If you’re anything like us, you have a few favorite style stars you follow closely on your Instagram radar. And with ‘a few favorite style stars’, we mean Alexa Chung of course. This girl has been rocking the fashion scene since as long as we can remember and she does it with a healthy dose of British humor. The success has not gotten to her head. This British It-Girl (and author of the identically named book) keeps both her well-dressed feet on the ground.


Alexa Chung Lookbook

When looking at Alexa Chung’s Style File, we are not surprised she won the British Style awards three times in a row. The fun she has in expressing herself through her outfits radiates from her looks. Her style is a mix of British classiness that matches extremely well with a personal quirky sense of style. In addition to that, she has the unique ability to foresee fashion trends but never without adding her own twists to her outfits. Take a look at the best from one of the most enviable wardrobes around.

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