What’s New in Fashion Trends According to Tumblr?

New Fashion Trends

Once in a while you need a little update of fresh inspiration. Keep yourself up-to-date on what’s new in fashion and what trends are coming your way. There is nothing like new ideas and visuals to keep you and your wardrobe on point.



Pastel Perfect

I have been keeping my eye on the bright pastels moving up and down my Tumblr feed for a while now. There was just something so fresh and renewing about them. Something cool above all and maybe even a little bit futuristic. To me, the beauty is all in the way they were combined with just the right mixture of minimal, modern and vintage.

The bright pastels move the entire outfit with the right portion of color.

Let’s see what I’m talking about.

rai-r: @yoonnyk/instagram

rai-r: @yoonnyk/instagram

The Iconic Issue

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Le Sac Plastique / The Plastic Bag

Although this new fashion trend in word, plastic bag, does not work major magic on your imagination, the reality certainly does. See-through bags do something funny and extraordinary to your look. They add a certain playfulness and quirkiness. Because how serious can you take life when you bare all that’s in your bag? The inside of a women’s purse is mostly considered to be very private. Or as Carrie put it in Sex and the City: bags are to women what balls are to men. We always carry it with us and we feel naked without it.

Does that mean that see-through plastic bags make you a little daredevil? Do they make you a little bit more naked in public by showing what’s inside your bag?

Celine plastic bag

Celine plastic bag

Cycling Shorts

No, this new fashion trend is not for your spinning class only! Cycling shorts actually are the biggest celebrity trend right now. Funny how things that until very recently were known the be ‘not done’, are now the next big thing.

Maybe partly due to the shock of the trend in question. This theory makes a strong case when we look at the cycling short trend. Even though it looks actually pretty cool and renewing in street style pics, there was definitely a certain amount of shock involved before this trend fully hit. But hey, all new fashion trends are weird in the beginning, it’s all a matter of perception after all. That’s what makes it fun.



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