Why Adwoa Aboah is the Icon of our Generation

Voice with a Purpose

Adwoa Aboah is everywhere, from campaigns of major brands such as Chanel and Burberry to the cover of the November issue of British Vogue. The 26-year-old model made an impressive impact on fashion, she even won the prestigious Model of the Year Award.

Things did not always look this bright for her. Not very long ago Adwoa Aboah struggled with severe depression and anxiety. But unlike what you would expect, this has not kept her from being one of the most successful models of this time. It’s actually what she uses to underline her authentic beauty and give the voice her platform brings a purpose.



Adwoa Aboah is not your Average Supermodel

She is not your average supermodel. If such a person exists. And the story that surrounds her is not a story about being 14 and discovered while shopping at the mall. Her story is about something a lot of people go through in more or less levels of intensity. About struggling with self-worth, growing up and how to take care of your mental health. Issues that until recently always have been kept under the radar.

Adwoa Aboah does more than talk about these issues openly now. But this was completely different when she was in the middle of it all. She talks about using drugs as a coping mechanism for her anxiety and depression. Especially being unable to deal with fear because she felt she couldn’t talk about it.

“I had no concept of how to talk openly about what I was going through” she says. “So I stopped speaking, and I stopped feeling.”


Gurls Talk

Adwoa used ketamine to deal with her issues because she saw no other way to cope. After a suicide attempt followed by a four-day coma, she luckily got into treatment. Here she found the healing powers of being able to talk openly about what she was dealing with. It was the discovery that what she needed was a place free of judgment that led her to co-found Gurls Talk. A platform where girls can do just that, talk freely about all kinds of issues.




Adwoa Aboah: Icon of our Times

Her bold and raw beauty in times of diversity within fashion is not even what makes her the icon she is today. Adwoa is the voice we need in a complicated world where speaking up is not the norm. Showing that people who have hit rock bottom can still make it to the top. And more importantly, showing that people who have made it to the top are no different than the rest of us. They also hit rock bottom. By talking about it Adwoa Aboah shows how to lift the weight of taboo.

Her openness about her problems with drug abuse and Girls Talk initiative have made her one of the most prominent voices in the fashion industry. Scattering the pretty picture fashion has been sketching in the past decades, Adwoa is armed by her honesty. In a world where issues of addiction, depression and loneliness are more relevant than ever, we need to talk openly about them. So much about our world is portraying a false ideal of perfection. Take Instagram, the place where we set the standard for perfection so high, no one knows how to match it anymore. Adwoa Aboah also discusses her issues with the platform.

 “this fake life that we try and project into the universe”.

Gurls Talk tries to be an open platform with positive messages about diversity and acceptance into a narrowminded social media space. Broadening our idea of what a supermodel should look like or say, Adwoa Aboa opens up the fashion industry in more ways than one. Fashion’s muse of the current times is all about authenticity and rebellion against a faux perfect world.





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